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News: 2013-09-16, Monday

Dr. Roy Crowther joins Earthmaster

Dr. Roy Crowther has joined Earthmaster in the capacity of Sr. Aquatic Ecologist & Resource Management Specialist. Roy has a B.Sc. in Honours Biology and Chemistry and a M.Sc. Freshwater Biology from the University of Waterloo, and a PhD in Aquatic Ecology from the University of Calgary. He started his professional career in Environmental Consulting in 1978 while completing a NSERC Fellowship on the Alberta Oil Sands.

Roy's primary goal at Earthmaster is to create an Environmental Impact Assessment team.  This will enable Earthmaster to get in on the 'front-end' of mid to large sized projects (e.g. major pipeline or facility construction, land development, etc.) and then be an environmental consultant of choice during operational phases.  Roy's extensive technical and management experience coupled with his contacts and relationships with Industry, Government and First Nations peoples will be invaluable in the building of a successful Earthmaster EIA team.

Through the years, Roy has worked with consulting firms such as IEC, Stanley, UMA, EnviroFX, Alpine and Dillon, as well as consulting independently. His roles have included General Manager, Regional Manager, Senior VP, and Chief Ecologist.

Roy has worked on various projects such as:
  • Development of bio-monitoring systems for aquatic systems to enable long term pollution detection.
  • Coordinated several multi-disciplinary EA’s (e.g.  the Pembina/Amoco Lodgepole Blowout, the Athabasca Delta as part of the Slave River Hydro Feasibility Study Group and for a deep water pot facility at Ridley Island).
  • Ran the aquatic portion of the Acid Deposition Research Program.
  • Conducted a bio-engineering study and developed a mitigation plan for Sikome Lake.
  • Assisted in the development of a long term biomonitoring network for the Oil Sands Region of Alberta.
  • Environmental portion of the Rajad Irrigation Project in Kota India.
  • The Changchun Municipal infrastructure development plan and Environmental Assessment in China.
  • The Three Sisters Resort EIA.
  • A Water Policy Program for the Island of Java in Indonesia.
  • Disaster Response and EA coordinator for the Marinduque tailings pond failure in the Philippines for UNDP.
  • Environmental responses to the Pembina Pine River Oil Spill, the Latornell Crude Oil Spill and NGL Spill.
  • Developed a risk assessment protocol for the Alta Gas condensate pipeline and Petro Canada Ferrier Gas field in Alberta.
  • Participated as a senior advisor and project coordinator on numerous oil spills into river and lake systems.
  • Mentored staff and participated in the war room with several firms to test their Emergency Response capabilities.
  • Muskeg River Basin and Lower Athabasca Assessments for CEMA.
  • The Pouce Coupe Sour Gas pipeline EIA for Alta Gas.
  • Pembina AOSPL Pipeline Liability Assessment.
  • Water Needs Assessments for Siksika, Samson Cree, Ermineskin Cree, Montana Cree, Louis Bull Cree, Tsuu T’ina and Piikani First Nations.
  • Mackenzie Cogeneration EA.
  • York County Co Generation project EA to Pristine Power.
  • Technical editor for the Calgary Airport Parallel Runway CEAA.
Dr. Crowther has also worked with and for regulators throughout his career:
  • Served as a Board Member with the Alberta Environmental Appeal Board.
  • Assisted the NRCB on several occasions as an advisor on water related issues.
  • Assisted the Attorney General of Alberta on several issues related to environmental. compliance.
  • Served as an advisor to the Department of Energy in the United States as a reviewer of papers related to Acid Deposition. 

Over the course of his career Roy has authored a number of peer reviewed papers and presented at several international and domestic technical conferences in the areas of water pollution, bio-monitoring and oil spill recovery.